I put the S in SEX.

You guys, I’m super excited! Today, I’m guest posting over at Pearl’s OysterBed. The woman behind Pearl is Bonny Logsdon Burns. We met at the She Speaks conference this summer and have found ourselves to be kindred spirits. Bonny’s blog focuses on intimacy issues for wives, which she addresses from a Christian perspective.

So, why would Bonny invite me to guest post on her blog? Well, I have to tell you something you may not know about me. It’s kind of personal, but it’s only fair that you know.

I put the S in SEX.


No, really. That’s me. I’m the S.

Clearly, this sets me apart as a sex authority. Which may be why Bonny asked me to write about sex. Specifically, how are we supposed to find time for a sex life when our kids are young!?

Okay, the truth is, I’ve felt really unqualified to address this topic. Because it’s not something that has come easily for me. It didn’t before we had kids, and it certainly hasn’t since having babies. (Who became toddlers.) (Who became little children.) (Who need/want/demand my attention every. waking. moment.)

But, then God reminded me that a lot of us feel like that. And that maybe you’d like to hear from someone who is in the trenches just like you.

So, buckle up, friends! It’s the:


Click here now to check it out!  (Hey, Dad! Feel free to NOT! Actually, I probably lost you back at “I put the S in SEX.” Sorrynotsorry.)


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