Identity Block: Bringing Sexy Back


Today is the Grand Finale of my guest post series over at Pearl’s OysterBed! I’ve identified the Top 3 Roadblocks to a Thriving Sex Life for moms of littles.

And how to break through!

We’re crashing through roadblocks left and right!

But I have a confession to make…

Even if I conquer Fatigue Block and Privacy Block, and I have a few glorious moments where “Less Tired” AND “The Children Are Not In The Room” overlap… SEX is not always (ever?) the thing I want to do.


And here we collide with the third – and in my experience, most powerful – roadblock:


Click here now to break through Identity Block and bridge the gap between how-to and want-to. Mamas, it’s time to bring your sexy back.

(Be sure to click below to check out the first 2 roadblocks if you missed them!)

roadblockfatigue   roadblockprivacy

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