Then I put on my Big Girl Panties. Inside-out.

I brought a generous dose of insecurity with me to the She Speaks conference this weekend. (So much that I didn’t leave room for my toothbrush, apparently.) (Free hotel toothbrush for the win.) Despite my insecurity, I tried to practice what I had just “preached” last week – “our sure footing, peace, and purpose is foundContinue reading “Then I put on my Big Girl Panties. Inside-out.”

#firstfridayfinds: Freedom gives me anxiety.

    It’s Friday Saturday!!! Dang it, I’m a day late. But YESTERDAY was the first Friday in July… which means it’s time to link up with Elizabeth at Words and Wonder for First Friday Finds. Ready? One verse, fifteen minutes, and… go.   As we celebrate Independence Day, we celebrate FREEDOM! Freedom is AMAZING!!! But, canContinue reading “#firstfridayfinds: Freedom gives me anxiety.”

Sometimes I think God is the bad guy.

True confession: Sometimes I think God is the bad guy. I mean, it’s easy to feel like He has left my friend’s young family in the lurch. They love Jesus. They serve others generously. They work for a church, for crying out loud.  And as of last week, due to some crazy circumstances, they’re effectively homeless. They’reContinue reading “Sometimes I think God is the bad guy.”

Busted lips, good snuggles, and no more tears.

Molly just busted her lip. She buried her face in my shoulder as she cried. I held her for a few moments, offering the comfort of a good snuggle. Then I lifted her chin and wiped the tears from her eyes. She sniffled, smiled, and then off she went, all better. Do you ever wishContinue reading “Busted lips, good snuggles, and no more tears.”

Starving. With a mouth full of food.

My children tell me they’re hungry all. day. long. Often they’re just thirsty. Or bored. Sometimes they’re actually hungry. And sometimes, they have the audacity to tell me they’re hungry WHILE THEY’RE EATING. Owen regularly asks for more food while he still has half a plate in front of him. Molly even had an apple inContinue reading “Starving. With a mouth full of food.”

#firstfridayfinds: Sufficient Courage

It’s the first Friday in May (already!?!), which means I’m linking up with Elizabeth at Words and Wonder for first friday finds! Ready? One verse, fifteen minutes, and… go. I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body,Continue reading “#firstfridayfinds: Sufficient Courage”