A really special book launches tomorrow, and the fact that I’m part of it is a dream come true in more ways than one. Just six months ago, I had been thinking and praying about our generation’s need for more voices to speak life and truth and practical spiritual application into the hearts of women. More voices pointingContinue reading “begin.”

Here’s to you. Yes, you.

Here’s to you, the one who got out of bed this morning. Who put on her big girl panties and drove to work. Who stayed home and made another. blessed. PB&J. Who got outside and ran one more mile. Who cleaned up somebody’s mess. Literally or figuratively. Again. Here’s to you, the one who thinks she’s not makingContinue reading “Here’s to you. Yes, you.”

Starbucks Confessional (I am a freaking hot mess. Now, what?)

I’m doing something that makes me nervous. I was feeling pretty raw and low last week and it spilled onto the pages of my journal. I’m nervous because I know I’m supposed to share it. I wanted to edit it first – but not in the way I usually edit my writing. I could tell I wantedContinue reading “Starbucks Confessional (I am a freaking hot mess. Now, what?)”

Unexpected Laughter: the tale of a blogger, a Pakistani, & a hot cup of Chai

“It’s been too long.” More accusations drum in my head: “I should’ve gone over weeks – MONTHS – ago. What will we talk about anyway? I’m a horrible human being. And a worse neighbor.” My insecurity is unrelenting. My neighbor is from Pakistan. English isn’t her first language and I’m a fool when I talk to people whoContinue reading “Unexpected Laughter: the tale of a blogger, a Pakistani, & a hot cup of Chai”

Did you know… (One thing your child needs to hear today.)

I have this thing I do every so often as I tuck in each kid at night – and Owen’s reaction has become the funniest. I snuggle him close and say (with great dramatic flair, as if I’ve never said this to him before), “Did you know… if God had lined up allllllllll the baby boys in theContinue reading “Did you know… (One thing your child needs to hear today.)”

Brow lines, belly fat, & broken hearts. (Thoughts about the marks we bear.)

I’ve become somewhat preoccupied with the lines on my face this year. I’d like to tell you I’m incredibly self-assured, graciously embracing the changes in my skin and my body year after year. But that would be a lie. The truth is, I stare at myself for a shameful amount of time. Inches from the mirror, inspecting the changesContinue reading “Brow lines, belly fat, & broken hearts. (Thoughts about the marks we bear.)”

Word Crush Wednesday: Gently (+ free printable)

I’m not sure what your week has felt like so far. But I have a little treasure for you. I found it the other morning as my day rounded the corner from “laugh or you’ll cry” to “no just go ahead and cry.” Mamas, we are the ones that have young, aren’t we? Did you catch that? HEContinue reading “Word Crush Wednesday: Gently (+ free printable)”

Sometimes I QUIT. (& you should too.)

I wrote a post yesterday about this being the last week of our Whole30 challenge. I confessed my failure to follow the regimen perfectly and my resolution to see it through to the finish. Just for the sake of finishing. I referenced a beautiful quote: Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes itContinue reading “Sometimes I QUIT. (& you should too.)”