Sometimes love means getting pee splashed on your ankles.

This week, as I’ve tried to focus each day on living out what I know of LOVE – it hasn’t been very extravagant. It hasn’t been grand gestures and dramatic displays. Instead, love has looked like… …holding Molly in the supermom sumo squat position so she could pee outside without getting it all over herself. (We won’tContinue reading “Sometimes love means getting pee splashed on your ankles.”

That time Molly shouted PENIS in the hardware store.

We’re in the local hardware store. You know that old school kind – part hardware, part hoarders episode. Matt is trolling the aisles looking for a wrench. Owen and Molly are oohing and aahing like they’re in a museum. So many little treasures! Suddenly: “MOMMY! You have GOT to see this.” I look toward Owen andContinue reading “That time Molly shouted PENIS in the hardware store.”

Mildly Misbehaving

  I was trying to nail down some sort of tagline for my blog. In a casual brainstorming conversation, my father-in-law of all people thoughtfully proclaimed: “Mildly misbehaving.” “Yes! THAT! ‘Mildly misbehaving.’ That has to be part of it.” Something about the phrase felt like the perfect filling, sandwiched between “Mothering” and “Making life matter.” It’sContinue reading “Mildly Misbehaving”

The Best Worst Day

Owen swam all morning with his buddies at our neighborhood pool today. It was the BEST day. Until he found out Molly is going to a birthday party tonight. Suddenly, “this is the WORST DAY EVER.” Back home, we had a heart-to-heart on his bedroom floor. “I NEVER get to do fun things!” he shouted. His eyes began tearingContinue reading “The Best Worst Day”

Tastebud Tuesday: Best Baked Oatmeal. Ever.

I had Saturday morning breakfast duty during the Uher Family Reunion last weekend. That means I was forced honored to cook breakfast for approximately thirty people. If this sounds like no big deal, you clearly do not understand the circumstances under which I cooked said meal. The kitchen was lovely and open, surrounded on twoContinue reading “Tastebud Tuesday: Best Baked Oatmeal. Ever.”

Sometimes I think God is the bad guy.

True confession: Sometimes I think God is the bad guy. I mean, it’s easy to feel like He has left my friend’s young family in the lurch. They love Jesus. They serve others generously. They work for a church, for crying out loud.  And as of last week, due to some crazy circumstances, they’re effectively homeless. They’reContinue reading “Sometimes I think God is the bad guy.”