Force Quit: an invitation

In three days, I’ll run a marathon. I have poured hours and miles of hard work into preparing. But just weeks ago, I thought my efforts were all in vain. It was August. School had started for BOTH of my children, and for the first time since I could remember, how I spent my day was in MY CONTROL. TheContinue reading “Force Quit: an invitation”

Here’s to you. Yes, you.

Here’s to you, the one who got out of bed this morning. Who put on her big girl panties and drove to work. Who stayed home and made another. blessed. PB&J. Who got outside and ran one more mile. Who cleaned up somebody’s mess. Literally or figuratively. Again. Here’s to you, the one who thinks she’s not makingContinue reading “Here’s to you. Yes, you.”

A reminder for when it’s all too much.

In the past two weeks, I’ve read two stories of tragic loss & suffering – one in my own city, and one a world away – and I’ve all but shut them out of my mind just to preserve my sanity. I’m not proud to admit this. Just READING about the suffering in the world threatens to take. me.Continue reading “A reminder for when it’s all too much.”

What laundry taught me about prayer.

I’ve been studying the life of David. I’ve always been comforted by his Psalms because he’s kind of all over the place – which describes me most of the time. He’s up, he’s down, he’s everywhere in between. He feels all the feelings. And he feels them deeply. Like, “Go Big or Go Home: Feelings Edition.”Continue reading “What laundry taught me about prayer.”

Throwback Thursday: Comparison is a B*tch

In honor of our neighborhood pool opening this weekend, I am reading (preaching) this post to myself over and over. And over. And. Over. Originally published March 26, 2014. I reallyreallyreally tried to make myself title this, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Why? Because it’s true and I love that quote. (Thank you, Mr.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Comparison is a B*tch”

I’m going to a conference. And I’m wearing my pajamas.

How great would it be to experience the awesome teaching, encouragement, and inspiration of a women’s conference – but without having to pack a bag, shell out a load of cash for a hotel, and arrange to be gone for multiple days and nights? Don’t get me wrong – I love me a girls’ weekend. ButContinue reading “I’m going to a conference. And I’m wearing my pajamas.”

One key truth you probably have backward. (I did.)

If avoidance was a sport, I’d be World Champion. Until today, I have avoided writing for over a month. It’s basically been a full-on commitment to NOT DO something I’m called to do. And, why? Because writing feels like it will require more than I have to give. It’s the same reason I hid from my neighbor for almost a year.Continue reading “One key truth you probably have backward. (I did.)”

Prayer (and a free printable!)

The other night, a friend mentioned these words from Oswald Chambers, and they’ve followed me around the past few days.  I’ll be printing this and putting it somewhere to remind me that in all I do – and hope to do –  prayer is more than an afterthought, a last resort, or even a preparatoryContinue reading “Prayer (and a free printable!)”

Starbucks Confessional (I am a freaking hot mess. Now, what?)

I’m doing something that makes me nervous. I was feeling pretty raw and low last week and it spilled onto the pages of my journal. I’m nervous because I know I’m supposed to share it. I wanted to edit it first – but not in the way I usually edit my writing. I could tell I wantedContinue reading “Starbucks Confessional (I am a freaking hot mess. Now, what?)”