A Letter to Myself About Glennon’s Divorce

  Glennon Doyle Melton announced earlier this month that she is leaving her husband. I admire her vulnerability in sharing about her marriage and her decision to leave. I thought about making this “A Letter to Glennon About Her Divorce.” But I’m not. Because this post isn’t about her. It’s about me. You see, Glennon closed her announcement with aContinue reading “A Letter to Myself About Glennon’s Divorce”

I’m going to a conference. And I’m wearing my pajamas.

How great would it be to experience the awesome teaching, encouragement, and inspiration of a women’s conference – but without having to pack a bag, shell out a load of cash for a hotel, and arrange to be gone for multiple days and nights? Don’t get me wrong – I love me a girls’ weekend. ButContinue reading “I’m going to a conference. And I’m wearing my pajamas.”

Heart of the Home (+ the wisest thing you can do each day)

I’ve been an emotional pinball machine lately. Thrown to and fro, bouncing high to low, at the mercy of changing moods. And not just my own moods (although I’ve got enough for all of us). If Owen’s crabby, I get crabby. If Molly’s dramatic, here comes Drama-Mama. Sucked into this riptide of reactivity, I’ve felt powerless to lift my headContinue reading “Heart of the Home (+ the wisest thing you can do each day)”

Identity Block: Bringing Sexy Back

Today is the Grand Finale of my guest post series over at Pearl’s OysterBed! I’ve identified the Top 3 Roadblocks to a Thriving Sex Life for moms of littles. And how to break through! We’re crashing through roadblocks left and right! But I have a confession to make… Even if I conquer Fatigue Block and Privacy Block, and I haveContinue reading “Identity Block: Bringing Sexy Back”

I put the S in SEX.

You guys, I’m super excited! Today, I’m guest posting over at Pearl’s OysterBed. The woman behind Pearl is Bonny Logsdon Burns. We met at the She Speaks conference this summer and have found ourselves to be kindred spirits. Bonny’s blog focuses on intimacy issues for wives, which she addresses from a Christian perspective. So, why would BonnyContinue reading “I put the S in SEX.”

The Power of the First Touch

Remember this moment? If you were watching, you remember. World Cup 2014. Round of 16. USA vs. Belgium. We’re down 2-0 in extra time. Shoulders start slumping around the room. Our hearts are still in it, but our heads know you don’t come back when you’re down by two in extra time. Then. One minute into theContinue reading “The Power of the First Touch”