My Cycling FAIL: Falling, F-bombs, & Finding Balance

I started going to cycle classes at the Y a few years ago. I even have the fancy cycling shoes that clip into the pedals. This, of course, makes me a cycling expert. Sadly, my expertise ends at the part where you clip in and ride an actual road bike in the actual world. YouContinue reading “My Cycling FAIL: Falling, F-bombs, & Finding Balance”

Whoopie Pies + Acid Spills (Alt. Title: Cooking is dangerous.)

I’m perusing Pinterest one evening when I find a pin for Jalapeño Cornbread Whoopie Pies with Goat Cheese and Bacon Filling. I thank Jesus that these exist somewhere on the planet.  I dream of eating making dozens of them one day. If only an occasion worthy of such culinary brilliance would arise. Then, a friend asks if I will bringContinue reading “Whoopie Pies + Acid Spills (Alt. Title: Cooking is dangerous.)”

Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)

Rural Ohio. Family reunion. Five days. So much laughter. Quality time. Food. So little wi-fi and cell service. We’ve safely returned to the Queen City of the south, which means it’s time for me to spend seven straight hours catching up on Facebook the Top Five Uher Family Reunion Moments. (If you’re doing the math, “Uher FamilyContinue reading “Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)”

No more 24 before bed.

Last night, Matt & I endured the most frightening experience of our lives. It’s approximately 2 AM and I’m startled from a deep sleep by a loud “POP! POP! POP!” My first thought is, “What is happening!?” This is closely followed by, “WE’RE TAKING FIRE!!!!” I scream, cover my head, and turn to huddle intoContinue reading “No more 24 before bed.”

How to NOT win husband of the year.

I arrive home from the Y the other night and my low back starts seizing up. I’ve never had back spasms before, and the pain literally stops me in my tracks. Matt’s sitting across the living room, and I – frozen mid-stride in my walk past the couch – yell, “MY BACK! MY BACK ISContinue reading “How to NOT win husband of the year.”

Tastebud Tuesday: Gluten-Free Spinach Strata

In an attempt to find some headache and allergy relief, Matt has decided to try cutting gluten out of his diet. He's on week 4 of his gluten-free adventure, and I wish I had more amazing results to report. Unfortunately, he hasn't seen any remarkable improvement – but he's committed to 6 weeks before jumpingContinue reading “Tastebud Tuesday: Gluten-Free Spinach Strata”


I turned 31 on Sunday. Here are some highlights of “Life at 31” thus far: – my husband (who is only 3 WEEKS younger, thank you very much) is now referring to himself as “cougar bait” – my 2-yr-old son has successfully lodged a raisin so far up his nose that no manner of probingContinue reading “31”