When you can’t find Jesus.

“Mama, what happens when we die?” She snuggled in close, 6-year-old daughter of mine, worried sick that night about tornadoes and the world and big scary things. “We go to heaven to be with Jesus, baby.” Her head cradled in the crook of my arm, eyes turned up toward me, wide and worried, “But what if IContinue reading “When you can’t find Jesus.”

Throwback Thursday: And now you know.

As of next week, I will have two children in elementary school. That is ALL OF MY CHILDREN. As in, THERE WILL BE NO CHILDREN AT MY HOUSE ALL DAY. Part of me (okay, a LOT of me) is just trying to keep my excitement at a civilized level. Another part of me is simply stunned atContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: And now you know.”

Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)

When I first read this quote, I didn’t like it. Sure there are a million ways to be *JUST* a good mom. But shouldn’t I strive for better than that? Shouldn’t I at least try for something closer to perfect than JUST GOOD? But what’s so bad about good? I know, I know. The greatest enemyContinue reading “Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)”

Throwback Thursday: Scissornado

My kids just about sent me to crazyland tonight. So, for Throwback Thursday, I decided to remember it could be worse. In fact, it HAS been worse. Like the day they chopped each other’s hair off. Ah, yes. Gather ’round and let’s re-live it together. (Originally published December 10, 2013.) It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time isContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Scissornado”

Molly Rocks Out (& a Free Printable!)

I don’t know if it’s the three day weekend that threw me off or what, but I just can’t find my footing this week! Maybe that’s why I love these words today: (NO you CANNOT download that image.) (Because AFTER I published this everywhere, I realized I MISSPELLED ROOSEVELT.) Apparently, “What I can” is NOT SPELL. But, luckyContinue reading “Molly Rocks Out (& a Free Printable!)”

That time Molly shouted PENIS in the hardware store.

We’re in the local hardware store. You know that old school kind – part hardware, part hoarders episode. Matt is trolling the aisles looking for a wrench. Owen and Molly are oohing and aahing like they’re in a museum. So many little treasures! Suddenly: “MOMMY! You have GOT to see this.” I look toward Owen andContinue reading “That time Molly shouted PENIS in the hardware store.”

Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)

Rural Ohio. Family reunion. Five days. So much laughter. Quality time. Food. So little wi-fi and cell service. We’ve safely returned to the Queen City of the south, which means it’s time for me to spend seven straight hours catching up on Facebook the Top Five Uher Family Reunion Moments. (If you’re doing the math, “Uher FamilyContinue reading “Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)”

A letter to my kids: You’re not the boss of me.

Dear darling children, We need to clear something up around here, and I’ll get right to it: YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. Remember this morning? You complained about our day’s plan until I re-considered the plan altogether. Thankfully, I got some sense in my head, waved my hands in the air, and yelled, “WAIT A SECOND!!!!Continue reading “A letter to my kids: You’re not the boss of me.”

That time we had church in the car. With Michael Jackson.

While driving with the kids yesterday, Man in the Mirror came on the radio. I started singing along because, obviously. From the back, Owen yelled, “Mom, what does this song even MEAN!?” I proceeded to explain, “It means if there’s something you wish could be different in the world, go ahead and do it. Be it.Continue reading “That time we had church in the car. With Michael Jackson.”

Busted lips, good snuggles, and no more tears.

Molly just busted her lip. She buried her face in my shoulder as she cried. I held her for a few moments, offering the comfort of a good snuggle. Then I lifted her chin and wiped the tears from her eyes. She sniffled, smiled, and then off she went, all better. Do you ever wishContinue reading “Busted lips, good snuggles, and no more tears.”