The Best Worst Day

Owen swam all morning with his buddies at our neighborhood pool today. It was the BEST day. Until he found out Molly is going to a birthday party tonight. Suddenly, “this is the WORST DAY EVER.” Back home, we had a heart-to-heart on his bedroom floor. “I NEVER get to do fun things!” he shouted. His eyes began tearingContinue reading “The Best Worst Day”

Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)

Rural Ohio. Family reunion. Five days. So much laughter. Quality time. Food. So little wi-fi and cell service. We’ve safely returned to the Queen City of the south, which means it’s time for me to spend seven straight hours catching up on Facebook the Top Five Uher Family Reunion Moments. (If you’re doing the math, “Uher FamilyContinue reading “Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)”

A letter to my kids: You’re not the boss of me.

Dear darling children, We need to clear something up around here, and I’ll get right to it: YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. Remember this morning? You complained about our day’s plan until I re-considered the plan altogether. Thankfully, I got some sense in my head, waved my hands in the air, and yelled, “WAIT A SECOND!!!!Continue reading “A letter to my kids: You’re not the boss of me.”

That time we had church in the car. With Michael Jackson.

While driving with the kids yesterday, Man in the Mirror came on the radio. I started singing along because, obviously. From the back, Owen yelled, “Mom, what does this song even MEAN!?” I proceeded to explain, “It means if there’s something you wish could be different in the world, go ahead and do it. Be it.Continue reading “That time we had church in the car. With Michael Jackson.”

An eclectic performance of Let it Go. (Alternate Title: what I hear all. day. long.)

This is possibly the most eclectic version of “Let it Go” from Frozen that I’ve heard yet. You’ll hear stylings reminiscent of Broadway, heavy metal, and even a touch of low-country twang. I hope you can appreciate the musical variations as much as I have during nearly every waking hour of the past few months. Cheers!

Kitchen Stitchin’ (Ma Ingalls would be ashamed of me.)

I didn’t see him fall. But I heard it. Then, the silence. Then the cries. You know, the “Oh crap. He’s really hurt” cries. I ran to where he lay next to his bike on the garage floor. “What is it, buddy!?” He could only wail as he lifted his head. The blood poured fromContinue reading “Kitchen Stitchin’ (Ma Ingalls would be ashamed of me.)”

Rest here: Perspective for the unprepared.

Our firstborn turned six yesterday. This boy who I thought would never come out… who then snuck up on me one quiet evening in late December and changed our world forever. I was walking through winter, so heavy with child, desperate for God to bring forth the life inside me — and Owen came crashingContinue reading “Rest here: Perspective for the unprepared.”