Scissornado (the day my kids cut their hair)

It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time is over, and I look up as my children casually bound down the stairs to join me in the living room. I notice Molly is still wearing the purple headband she had on earlier, but now her hair appears to also be in a ponytail – which I find curious,Continue reading “Scissornado (the day my kids cut their hair)”


I turned 31 on Sunday. Here are some highlights of “Life at 31” thus far: – my husband (who is only 3 WEEKS younger, thank you very much) is now referring to himself as “cougar bait” – my 2-yr-old son has successfully lodged a raisin so far up his nose that no manner of probingContinue reading “31”

“Discussion” with Owen… the sequel.

If you read this post, then you may notice the beginning of a trend… Here's a recap of the mind-numbing interesting conversation I had with Owen yesterday: Owen: All done. Me: You're all done playing with your blocks? Well, let's play with this now. Owen: No. Me: How about this? Owen: No. Me: *with wide,Continue reading ““Discussion” with Owen… the sequel.”