Throwback Thursday: Mom Fail

Last week I volunteered in my son’s class for the first time this year. I had signed up to lead the class for the afternoon during a teacher planning day, and I was really excited to get in there. That is a lie. I was terrified. You guys, Owen is in third grade. Third graders are soContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Mom Fail”

When you can’t find Jesus.

“Mama, what happens when we die?” She snuggled in close, 6-year-old daughter of mine, worried sick that night about tornadoes and the world and big scary things. “We go to heaven to be with Jesus, baby.” Her head cradled in the crook of my arm, eyes turned up toward me, wide and worried, “But what if IContinue reading “When you can’t find Jesus.”

One BIG parenting mistake I KEEP MAKING! (And the simple fix.)

Outwardly, I would say I do okay as a mom. But to be painfully honest, I feel like I’m really messing up. Like REALLY messing up. And I don’t even know how to be better. Oh, I have THEORIES on how to be better. Those are crystal clear when I judge all the OTHER moms. But when shit gets real inContinue reading “One BIG parenting mistake I KEEP MAKING! (And the simple fix.)”

Flashback Friday: The Wisest Words I Received as a New Mom (and as a human in general)

I wrote this post a year ago about something I learned when I was a new mom – and it’s as freeing to me today as it was then. Buckle up, friends. It might be hard to hear – but I think you’ll be glad you did. Originally published March 17, 2014. Confession time. It’s been a roughContinue reading “Flashback Friday: The Wisest Words I Received as a New Mom (and as a human in general)”

Did you know… (One thing your child needs to hear today.)

I have this thing I do every so often as I tuck in each kid at night – and Owen’s reaction has become the funniest. I snuggle him close and say (with great dramatic flair, as if I’ve never said this to him before), “Did you know… if God had lined up allllllllll the baby boys in theContinue reading “Did you know… (One thing your child needs to hear today.)”

Mom Fail: The time I lied to my kid’s teacher’s face.

Need a self-esteem boost? Allow me to help. I have lots of mom fails. But this time? I lied to my kid’s teacher. And you won’t believe why. (I still can’t.) Every other week or so, I go to Owen’s school to volunteer. Covering lunch duty is one way I help, and my first timeContinue reading “Mom Fail: The time I lied to my kid’s teacher’s face.”

Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)

When I first read this quote, I didn’t like it. Sure there are a million ways to be *JUST* a good mom. But shouldn’t I strive for better than that? Shouldn’t I at least try for something closer to perfect than JUST GOOD? But what’s so bad about good? I know, I know. The greatest enemyContinue reading “Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)”

Heart of the Home (+ the wisest thing you can do each day)

I’ve been an emotional pinball machine lately. Thrown to and fro, bouncing high to low, at the mercy of changing moods. And not just my own moods (although I’ve got enough for all of us). If Owen’s crabby, I get crabby. If Molly’s dramatic, here comes Drama-Mama. Sucked into this riptide of reactivity, I’ve felt powerless to lift my headContinue reading “Heart of the Home (+ the wisest thing you can do each day)”

Throwback Thursday: Scissornado

My kids just about sent me to crazyland tonight. So, for Throwback Thursday, I decided to remember it could be worse. In fact, it HAS been worse. Like the day they chopped each other’s hair off. Ah, yes. Gather ’round and let’s re-live it together. (Originally published December 10, 2013.) It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time isContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Scissornado”