A really special book launches tomorrow, and the fact that I’m part of it is a dream come true in more ways than one. Just six months ago, I had been thinking and praying about our generation’s need for more voices to speak life and truth and practical spiritual application into the hearts of women. More voices pointingContinue reading “begin.”

Guest Post: Embracing The Race

I’d like to introduce you to Lisa Preuett. When I met her a couple of years ago at a writer’s conference, we discovered we had running in common as well as writing! She had a devotional in the works at the time, and the early drafts she shared totally resonated with my runner’s heart. If you knowContinue reading “Guest Post: Embracing The Race”

Lent for the rest of us: 2016 (Free printable reading plan!)

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is on February 10 this year, and leads us to Easter on March 27. Are you familiar with Lent? I used to get super stressed about this season. Lent. This 40-day journey leading up to Easter… a time to prepare our hearts for Jesus… all He is and allContinue reading “Lent for the rest of us: 2016 (Free printable reading plan!)”

43 Songs: The Ultimate Running Playlist

While visiting my parents in Indiana, I thought I’d be able to keep up my training for an upcoming half marathon (I’m planning to NOT repeat this total FAIL). But, I’m currently stuck inside, watching the freezing rain outside, and am just not hard core enough today to get out there and run in that mess. Meanwhile, whyContinue reading “43 Songs: The Ultimate Running Playlist”

Food, Faith, Fitness… and a FREE BOOK!

‘Tis the season for starting fresh! I will eat better! Exercise more! Read my Bible EVERY! DAY! (Who’s with me!?) Aaaaaand, true confession: ‘Tis ALSO the season for a roller coaster ride of preoccupation with body image, crazy diets, and perfectionism. (Sigh.) Well, friends, if you’re riding the same coaster as me, I have aContinue reading “Food, Faith, Fitness… and a FREE BOOK!”

I think God is calling me (to have a bagel?)

It’s Day 4 of the Whole30 and dang, I’m emotional. Maybe I need a bagel… Or maybe it’s because I’m about to do something crazy. Before I say what, let me ask you a question. Have you ever felt called by God to do or be something? Pulled toward a particular cause, vocation, relationship, fill-in-the-blank? Have you everContinue reading “I think God is calling me (to have a bagel?)”

Hooking y’all up. Again. (Free Printable!)

Have you been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible for Lent? Our kids are really into the habit now (as am I). While I’m so glad we chose the keep-it-simple route, I will admit, I’ve had a hard time figuring out if we’re on the right day! Assuming I’m not the only one, I’m hooking y’allContinue reading “Hooking y’all up. Again. (Free Printable!)”