Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)

When I first read this quote, I didn’t like it. Sure there are a million ways to be *JUST* a good mom. But shouldn’t I strive for better than that? Shouldn’t I at least try for something closer to perfect than JUST GOOD? But what’s so bad about good? I know, I know. The greatest enemyContinue reading “Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)”

Why I stopped doing things for Jesus. (And you should too.)

I’m not doing things for Jesus anymore. And I don’t think you should either. Before you shout “heresy,” let me ask you a question: do you have a song that is “that song” for you? Like, when it comes on, you’re compelled to stop whatever you’re doing and just let the song wash over you? OceansContinue reading “Why I stopped doing things for Jesus. (And you should too.)”

Throwback Thursday: Scissornado

My kids just about sent me to crazyland tonight. So, for Throwback Thursday, I decided to remember it could be worse. In fact, it HAS been worse. Like the day they chopped each other’s hair off. Ah, yes. Gather ’round and let’s re-live it together. (Originally published December 10, 2013.) It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time isContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Scissornado”

Molly Rocks Out (& a Free Printable!)

I don’t know if it’s the three day weekend that threw me off or what, but I just can’t find my footing this week! Maybe that’s why I love these words today: (NO you CANNOT download that image.) (Because AFTER I published this everywhere, I realized I MISSPELLED ROOSEVELT.) Apparently, “What I can” is NOT SPELL. But, luckyContinue reading “Molly Rocks Out (& a Free Printable!)”

I needed this reminder. I bet you do too. (Also, sometimes it’s good to talk to strangers.)

I don’t know why the man started talking to me. The kids had just opened their Chick-fil-a meals when I noticed the elderly man at the table next to us. He sat alone. He leaned over and said hello. We exchanged pleasantries, which turned to small talk, and before long he was telling me where he grew up. He mentioned he’s aContinue reading “I needed this reminder. I bet you do too. (Also, sometimes it’s good to talk to strangers.)”

An eclectic performance of Let it Go. (Alternate Title: what I hear all. day. long.)

This is possibly the most eclectic version of “Let it Go” from Frozen that I’ve heard yet. You’ll hear stylings reminiscent of Broadway, heavy metal, and even a touch of low-country twang. I hope you can appreciate the musical variations as much as I have during nearly every waking hour of the past few months. Cheers!

Scissornado (the day my kids cut their hair)

It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time is over, and I look up as my children casually bound down the stairs to join me in the living room. I notice Molly is still wearing the purple headband she had on earlier, but now her hair appears to also be in a ponytail – which I find curious,Continue reading “Scissornado (the day my kids cut their hair)”