Throwback Thursday: Who needs a laugh?

You guys. I’m running the Charlotte Half Marathon this Saturday, and all I can really say is that I’ve actually been training, so THANK HEAVENS this won’t be a repeat of THAT ONE YEAR. Do you remember? No? Oh good, this will be fun. Happy Throwback Thursday, friends. I present to you: my dumbest race ever. Originally published onContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Who needs a laugh?”

How to NOT win husband of the year.

I arrive home from the Y the other night and my low back starts seizing up. I’ve never had back spasms before, and the pain literally stops me in my tracks. Matt’s sitting across the living room, and I – frozen mid-stride in my walk past the couch – yell, “MY BACK! MY BACK ISContinue reading “How to NOT win husband of the year.”

How I made a very strong man fall down on his face at the gym.

Today, I caused a very strong man to fall down on his face at the gym. How did I manage this? Let me tell you the story. It’s noon on a beautiful day in Charlotte, NC. The sun is shining, it’s 73 glorious degrees outside, and I realize if we jump in the car RIGHTContinue reading “How I made a very strong man fall down on his face at the gym.”