Suzy Homemaker Strikes Back

I’m really consistent about cleaning our home – not just straightening up, but actually cleaning. Especially bathrooms. Especially the toilets in those bathrooms. You know, the rim, under the seat, and all around the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor… I really stay on top of that mess. [LIES. THOSE ARE ALLContinue reading “Suzy Homemaker Strikes Back”

I peed in a bush. [Dad! Blinders!]

I had the best idea this afternoon. I decided to run home from Molly’s soccer practice. (Don’t worry, Mom. Matt was there to drive the children home. I didn’t leave them at the park.) Getting ready to go to Molly’s practice, I think, “My legs are so white. But it’s SUNNY & 80 DEGREES,” soContinue reading “I peed in a bush. [Dad! Blinders!]”