Throwback Thursday: Who needs a laugh?

You guys. I’m running the Charlotte Half Marathon this Saturday, and all I can really say is that I’ve actually been training, so THANK HEAVENS this won’t be a repeat of THAT ONE YEAR. Do you remember? No? Oh good, this will be fun. Happy Throwback Thursday, friends. I present to you: my dumbest race ever. Originally published onContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Who needs a laugh?”

How I made a very strong man fall down on his face at the gym.

Today, I caused a very strong man to fall down on his face at the gym. How did I manage this? Let me tell you the story. It’s noon on a beautiful day in Charlotte, NC. The sun is shining, it’s 73 glorious degrees outside, and I realize if we jump in the car RIGHTContinue reading “How I made a very strong man fall down on his face at the gym.”

I peed in a bush. [Dad! Blinders!]

I had the best idea this afternoon. I decided to run home from Molly’s soccer practice. (Don’t worry, Mom. Matt was there to drive the children home. I didn’t leave them at the park.) Getting ready to go to Molly’s practice, I think, “My legs are so white. But it’s SUNNY & 80 DEGREES,” soContinue reading “I peed in a bush. [Dad! Blinders!]”

Drop Weight

YOU GUYS! The craziest thing has been happening since the post I wrote last week. (Click here if you missed it.) First of all, I’ve been reading preaching it to myself every day. And you know what else? I’ve been running – and not only that, I’ve been enjoying it. And the real kicker? I‘veContinue reading “Drop Weight”