#firstfridayfinds: As far as it depends on me.


It’s the first Friday in March, which means I’m linking up again for first friday finds! You can read the details by clicking on the image above.  Here’s my March find…

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18)

Man, I’d really like a re-do on this one. I have 15 minutes to write about this and I think I could spend 14 of them staring at the wall wondering what this means, what this looks like.

What does it look like to live at peace with everyone? Is it possible? And how far does it depend on me?

I remember someone once told me I’m not responsible for others, but I’m responsible to others. As in, I can’t control other people’s decisions, opinions, responses, and reactions. But I can control mine. Also, I don’t live in a bubble, so it’s wise to remember that my decisions, opinions, responses, & reactions affect others – that’s where being responsible to people comes in.

Does that even make sense? Maybe not. I think it’s kind of messy, honestly. But haven’t we already established that life is messy?

I feel like I’m struggling with this today because I’m living right in the middle of it and I’m not doing well. Someone expressed some disappointment toward me this morning. Was it communicated in the most awesome way? Nope. Was there a nugget of truth in it though? Yep. (Sigh.)

But rather than mining out the nugget of truth, I flew off the handle and stomped all over the entire thing. All in the name of feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.

Someone else’s opinion of me – of what I do or don’t do – does not define me. That doesn’t mean I can’t glean truth from her words – maybe there is something she’s brought to light that ought to be considered and received.

But I don’t need to get defensive. Like I did this morning. (Sigh. Again.) I’m not living at peace with someone if I’ve got my fists up, ready to go to blows defending myself. Literally or figuratively.

If her (or his, or their) opinion doesn’t define me, then there is nothing to defend. I am free to consider and glean. Free to live at peace with everyone. As far as it depends on me.

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