What is a Sex Ninja?


Does your list of Top 5 Worst Nightmares include a curious little one interrupting “Mommy-Daddy time”?

Do you struggle with how to have a sex life when your children are little?

Have you ever wondered, “What is a Sex Ninja?”

Okay, you’ve probably only wondered that last one if you read what I wrote last week.

But I’ll address all of these in today’s guest post at Pearl’s Oysterbed!

In this second part of the Roadblocks series, we’re tackling Privacy Block.

Last week we dealt with Fatigue Block. If you missed it (or have used up your brain cells parenting wee ones for the past week and don’t remember what it said) go back for a quick review. Then click here to check out Part 2: Privacy Block.

roadblockfatigue      roadblockprivacy

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