The Power of the First Touch

Remember this moment?


If you were watching, you remember. World Cup 2014. Round of 16. USA vs. Belgium. We’re down 2-0 in extra time. Shoulders start slumping around the room. Our hearts are still in it, but our heads know you don’t come back when you’re down by two in extra time.


One minute into the second half of overtime, 19-year-old Julian Green scores for the United States. Slumped shoulders give way to jumping, shouting, and wetting of pants. (You know who you are.)

I came away from that game emotionally exhausted. But through the elation and subsequent disappointment of still losing the game, I’m left in awe of one thing in particular:

Green’s goal wasn’t just our first goal of the match – it was his FIRST TOUCH in the entire World Cup.

I find that astounding.

I’m all about easing into things. I ease into my day (coffee, please). I ease into a run (first mile is always just a warmup, amIright?).

Easing into something isn’t bad or wrong or weak. But let’s not discount the power of the first touch. The way I FIRST speak to or look at my kids or my husband in the morning – even before I’ve had my coffee – STILL COUNTS. (Matt is SO throwing this back at me tomorrow morning.)

Have you discovered the power of the First Touch? This quick must-read uncovers one powerful key to making a greater impact than you thought you could.This isn’t bad news! This is GREAT news!! This means even if I only have a moment, it can still make an impact. And this can be a GOOD impact.

A kind, “good morning, sweetheart,” instead of “why are you awake so early again?” could really mean a lot to my 6-year-old. (I’ll still be THINKING it. Just saying.) First touch.

How about a few kind words to the cashier when you run in to grab the bag of chips you forgot for your cookout? First touch.

What if Green would’ve thought, “I need to get warmed up on the field,” or “I’ve got less than 15 minutes out here, what can I really do,” or “I’m just a sub,” or “I’m only 19.” That’s ludicrous in his situation, right? It’s the WORLD CUP. EVERY TOUCH COUNTS.

Even the first.

I’m convinced we have the opportunity to make a greater impact on those around us than we’ve let ourselves believe. Let’s make the most of the time we have.


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